The Hunter’s Lass 2019

The Hunter’s Lass Elect 2019 – Isobel McNiff


Isobel-McNiffI was born in 1998 and have lived in Penicuik all my life. My Mum works as a nurse in Edinburgh and my Dad works as Project Manager for an aluminium works company. I have one older sister, who is now living away from home in Stirling.

I attended Cuiken primary school when I was younger, then studied at Penicuik High School for the full six years. After finishing high school I when on to study at Granton College and completed an HNC in Travel and Tourism. Through my later years of high school I worked part time at a stable just outside Peebles that has a close link to the rideouts and other towns’ festivals. I now work in a fast food restaurant as well had going down to the stables as much as possible

I have always had a keen interested in horse riding and the Common Ridings. I have enjoyed the sport since I was seven and have now being doing it for 13 years. Through my work at the stables I was lucky enough to meet Fraser Howie, 2019 Hunter. Fraser was learning to ride and I had the pleasure of helping with his lessons. I have followed Penicuik rideout a number of times, the first when I was nine.

I have always had a keen interested in the Penicuik festival and through being the Lass Elect last year I got to enjoy events such as the Ball and the Tuesday night ride. I also have had the honour of supporting Stuart, Penicuik Hunter 2018, who has done an outstanding job in his role over the past year. This year I hope that me and my Hunter Fraser can truly do Penicuik proud and represent it in the best possible light as we go around local towns and villages, visiting their festivals. Fraser and I are both extremely proud to have this opportunity and can’t thank everyone enough for making it happen. We both can’t wait for everything to begin!