Junior Hunter and Lass

We love involving the community as much as possible, which is why we try to have such a varied week of events and over the last few years tried to incorporate more and more for children.

We introduced a Junior Hunter and Lass in 2017 after taking on board a suggestion by a helpful member of the public.

Each year a different local primary school will make the selection from Primary Six pupils, following a nomination process similar to the Hunter and Lass.

This year our Junior Hunter is Mason Davidson and Junior Hunter’s Lass is Jessica Fraser both from Mauricewood Primary School. Both are very excited and looking forward to getting involved.

Junior Hunter – Mason Davidson

“I am so excited to have been selected to represent Mauricewood as Penicuik Junior Hunter for 2023. I’ve always wanted to be it! I’m looking forward to all the events and celebrations I get to be part of with Jessica.”

Junior Hunter’s Lass – Jessica Fraser

“I was very excited to be asked to be Junior Lass and represent Mauricewood Primary School. I can’t wait to join in with all the activities, I am especially excited to see the horses!”

The Junior Hunter and Junior Hunter’s Lass have supporters from the other primary schools. This year the supporters are:

Cornbank Supporters – Amelia Tierney and Sam Betteridge
Strathesk Supporters – Amy Rose Todd and Molly Neil
Sacred Heart Supporters – Max Murdoch and Lily Cole