The Hunter Elect 2022

The Hunter Elect 2022 – Duncan Whitson

New Hunter

I was born in Edinburgh on 21st may 1962 and brought up in Portobello with my Dad Abraham who was a bus driver/inspector for LRT Buses, Mum Helen, a hospital cleaner, and my two brothers John and Stephen. I attended Lismore Primary and Portobello High School.
On leaving high school I went on to work with Sunblest Bakers as a van boy until I passed my driving test. I then went to work to work for Edinburgh City Council where I sat my HGV licence and worked for 25 years.
Along with working at the Council I was a part time doorman in Penicuik and Edinburgh for many years. I now work for a local business as a skip driver.
I went on to have a family of five kids, Aden, Zach, Reid, Greg and Lucy.
I met Kelly at a local stables and now have four horses between us. I moved to Penicuik around seven years ago when I moved in with my Lass.
I enjoy doing things with my horses and am so glad that Hunter and Lass celebrations are going ahead this year. I was so delighted and honoured to have been elected as Penicuik’s Hunter 2020, which was unfortunately postponed due to Covid. I am looking forward to taking on my duties and doing Penicuik proud while visiting neighbouring towns.