Festival Day

Saturday 27th May 2023

Festival Day starts with the horn blowing ceremony at the Town Hall at 8.50am before leading the cavalcade to Penicuik House at the invitation of Sir Robert and Lady Clerk to blow the ancient hunting horn.

The cavalcade then leave Penicuik House at 9.45am. The full timings are TBC:

  • Rideout - 17

The Hunter and Lass then lead Penicuik on Parade, put together with a lot of hard work by the Penicuik on Parade Committee. This is one of the highlights for our Hunter and Lass and we always appreciate everyone who comes out in support and the many people who take part in the parade to make it as great as it is year after year.

And we all end up the the public park for Penicuik in the Park, organised by the Rotary Club of Penicuik. Here the Hunter and Lass have a chance to go round the stalls, play the games and speak to the lovely people of Penicuik as well as people visiting. Let’s just hope the sun shines this year 🙂


Saturday Rideout

Penicuik on Parade